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NEFFA: Is Mushroom-Derived Clothing The Future of Fashion Manufactuing?


Sky Ariella

February 25, 2023





NEFFA: Is Mushroom-Derived Clothing The Future of Fashion Manufacturing?


As the world of fashion changes with every passing year, the process of clothing manufacturing is evolving rapidly. The negative impacts of creating garments using the current process are immense. We need a change. 

There is one name single-handedly pushing us into a more sustainable future of fashion: NEFFA. The brainchild of ingenious Dutch designer Aniela Hoitink, NEFFA is enhancing the fashion production chain. Turning to compostable mushroom roots as the new forefront of attire material. A completely unique approach to the construction of clothing.

NEFFA is not only revolutionizing the way clothes are made. It is creating boundless production chain possibilities and ways it can be improved.

If you still have lingering questions about mushroom clothing, I am going to answer all your inquiries about: 

  • How NEFFA works
  • What problems it's solving
  • And why it’s a significant     evolution in fashion production

 Let’s get into it. 

 History of NEFFA

 NEFFA was originally founded in 2008 by commercial fashion veteran Aniela Hoitink. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that the company adopted the NEFFA moniker, standing for New Fashion Factory. 

Aniela Hoitink spent many years in an industry dominated by a throwaway culture, but she strongly believes in sustainability. She decided to focus her attention on the root of the sustainability issue in fashion: the production process. 

Hoitink’s goal was to find an intersection that allowed consumers to enjoy a wide range of clothing that doesn’t leave such a negative impact on the environment when it's tossed. That’s how she started looking for fashion manufacturing solutions in nature and biology. Eventually, her journey led her to founding NEFFA, a fashion company known for its unique production techniques and bio-fabricated materials. 

 How Does NEFFA Work?

 Since its inception, NEFFA has researched various production methods that could potentially improve sustainability in the fashion industry. However, there is one innovation that has really made NEFFA stand out from the crowd. 

NEFFA developed a 3Dprinting manufacturing method that’s considerably less wasteful than traditional manufacturing methods. It produces a mycelium-based material that can be used to make 100% biodegradable clothes called MycoTEX, a compostable fabric derived from mushrooms.

It’s groundbreaking.  A potential solution for all different types of brands that are currently depending on a highly wasteful production system. It’s an invention that could propel the second most polluting industry into the age of sustainability. 

What Industry Problems Is NEFFA Solving? 

There are a lot of issues in today’s fashion industry, and NEFFA is working hard to solve many of them with their technology and MyoTEX material.  

The most apparent problems that NEFFA is solving include: 

  • Making clothing materials biodegradable, so they’re not as destructive after discarding
  • Lowering the cost and waste associated with fashion production 
  • Reducing the need for extensive/dangerous labor
  • Shortening the supply chain 
  • Allows for easy customization with 3D printing robotics
  • Easy to integrate this sustainability technology into the mainstream fashion industry

 However, these are just a few ways NEFFA’s seminal technology can help fix a broken and harmful manufacturing system. NEFFA has deeper importance as well. 

Local for Loca

The Deeper Importance of NEFFA

The global fashion industry has emphasized profits over the environment for a long time. A big part of that stems from its cost-reducing, waste-producing manufacturing system. That’s what makes NEFFA and their MycoTEX material so unique. It demonstrates how there are real, viable ways to nurture the fashion industry without dismantling the environment in the process. 

NEFFA doesn’t want to combat the fashion industry – they want to elevate it on all fronts. 

  • Their raw MycoTEX mycelium     material can be grown and produced locally. 
  • It requires only minimal water     and no damaging chemicals
  • Their fully automated     manufacturing method reduces many of the risks that are posing production     chain laborers right now. 
  • It doesn’t restrict the     expressive, fun element we all love about accessorizing ourselves, but     enhances it. 
  • Plus, it’s comforting to know     that discarded items aren’t contributing to the environmental degradation     of the planet.

 Perhaps the most impressive part about NEFFA and its technology is how smoothly it can be integrated into the current fashion brands and companies operating right now. NEFFA products can be manufactured by adding a few extensions to existing machines that are already used in the industry. For every brilliant idea that could reshape the fashion industry, there needs to also be a component of practicality. NEFFA and its manufacturing methods have that. 

 FAQs About NEFFA (New Fashion Factory)

 What is NEFFA? 

NEFFA is a company that focuses on manufacturing methods for creating bio-fabricated materials. They are most well-known for developing a mycelium material called MycoTEX. It allows for the design of biodegradable clothing. 

 What is MycoTEX?

 MycoTEX is a material that’s made from mycelium, which is essentially mushroom roots. These materials are used in the NEFFA manufacturing system to develop their compostable garments.

What awards has NEFFA won? 

 NEFFA has won a number of awards for its innovative work in the fashion industry. They were a finalist for the 2020 Future of Responsible Fashion Challenge and the 2020 European Social Innovation Competition. In 2018, NEFFA was one of several H&M Global Change Awards. The win allowed the company to further advance its manufacturing technology and make it more mainstream. 



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