The Master of D2C Digital Marketing


Episode #39, February 14, 2023

Samir Balwani, Founder & CEO, QRY: The Master of D2C Digital Marketing

Fashioncast listeners, in this episode, you’ll meet the brilliant, articulate, and veteran digital branding and marketing guru Samir Balwani.  Samir has been at the forefront of the digital marketing industry for two decades and has amassed a wealth of knowledge and insight.  Now, he imparts his wisdom to the Fashioncast  audience. 

Given hundreds of thousands of brands, and millions of ads across dozens of platforms, competition for consumer attention is at an all-time high.  So, just how does a fashion brand differentiate itself without going broke?  The simple answer is—don’t go it alone!  Fashioncast was stunned at the degree of variation and intricate knowledge demanded by buyers of D2C digital marketing.  The costs can be high, but the cost of not executing can be even higher.

Fortunately, Balwani’s vast experience at D2C companies embedded in the digital advertising industry, including StyleCaster and American Express, make him the perfect “go-to” guest for fashion branding.  It’s especially educational, and entertaining, to hear Balwani explain the digital marketing ecosystem with the nuance and familiarity of a proven warrior. You’ll learn which digital platforms are most successful and why, how experimentation and testing are conducted, and important digital marketing KPIs. You’ll also hear Balwani unravel the advertising budgeting process in order to fund and utilize the all-important digital marketing tool.

From his cache of long-time clients and experience in the digital terrain, Balwani, a master communicator, walks listeners through case studies explaining digital marketing dos and don’ts, when to commit to ad spend, and exactly how to scale a D2C business through digital marketing.

Lastly, Balwani briefly discusses what lies ahead in the digital marketing space and the eventual use of AI technology such as ChatGPT. Get ready to learn with another outstanding guest!  Enjoy!