Sustainable Fashion Part II, Kristian Hansen, Slo Jean Company, Confronting Fast Fashion's Abuse


Episode #42, June 8, 2023

Kristian Hansen, Founder & CEO, Slo Jean Company

Fashioncast community, meet the indelible Kristian Hansen, Founder & CEO, Slo Jean Company, one of the fastest growing jean companies on the planet!  Kristian’s story is so compelling and inspirational you may want to listen to it more than once!

In an effort to disrupt the women’s jean market by providing a solution for skimpy pockets, Hansen has created a juggernaut. It’s mesmerizing to hear how the Canadian fashion upstart found his niche in the most unconventional way, built a 700,000-follower Tik Tok community for the Slo Jeans brand, successfully raised capital through crowdfunding, and is planning the design and build of a jean factory in India!  It’s a true story of intelligence, grit, and motivation with a 100,000-person waiting list as confirmation of his success. 

After two minutes into the interview, it was obvious that Kristian has the right mindset to lead a sustainable jean company seeking to push back on the fast fashion culture. Armed with a Climate Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Kristian clearly understands the environmental and human impact of fast fashion, but equally as important, he knows how to address it. Slo Jean Company is much more than another fashion brand out to sell denim.  It’s a sustainable brand with a mission to treat both workers and the environment with the utmost respect, and it’s refreshing!

Hansen encompasses a no holds barred attitude, and it’s apparent that spirit is part of his DNA. You’ll appreciate his thought process on sourcing labor and textiles, the “do everything different” business model, and a much-needed messaging reboot on the environmental misery inflicted by fast fashion.

Lastly, Hansen explains his new sizing technology and his offer to make it available free to the industry without restrictions. The technology is revolutionary in the accuracy of measurement for all body types, reduces the return rate, and not surprisingly, boosts profits.

So impressed with Kristian, we’ve already invited him back for a follow-up interview next year! Enjoy!