Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Fashion Outlier: From Modest Model to Media Mogul

From the outside looking in, Rocco Leo Gaglioti is the epitome of American success. The tall (6’5”) handsome fashion celebrity seems to know everybody who’s anybody in the world-of-fashion. But, Gaglioti’s story is more of intrigue and personal triumph than fashion lore.

While Gaglioti describes his 26 years in the fashion industry in a very linear, matter-of-fact way, it’s been anything but an unencumbered ride to the top. In fact, Gaglioti is so humble, the listener may get the impression nobody is more surprised he ended up an influential fashion media mogul than Gaglioti himself!

Gaglioti has come a long way from being a shy, speech impaired bullied kid in Winter Park, Florida. That kid learned martial arts to defend himself, and at the age of 17, after some serious nudging from his deaf mother (Gaglioti is a CODA--Child of a Deaf Adult), and not knowing a lick of Italian, he agreed to become a hair model in Milan, Italy and stayed for five years!

But wait! There’s more! A lot more. What purposeful career would be without key mentors like Carson Kressley and RuPaul? Gaglioti credits a number of individuals for his success, but none more than Kressley and RuPaul. It’s a fascinating lesson on “paying it forward” and understanding career responsibility. By-the-way, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Kressley and RuPaul? Both men are brilliant and hilarious--a rare combination indeed.

Gaglioti eventually parlays his knowledge and experience into a mountain of creativity including Fashion News Live, an award-winning fashion documentary, Inside Amato, the Fashion News Lifestyle Network (FNL Network), and most recently, International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW).

Gaglioti is extremely excited about IDFW declaring the platform demonstrates “the future of fashion is here!” While other media outlets contemplate the future of runway shows, Gaglioti has already figured it out! IDFW provides a desperately needed alternative to traditional outdated fashion weeks, is interactive and allows the designer to book immediate sales.

Lastly, Gaglioti, isn’t “all fashion all-the-time.” He serves as a consultant to the Miss and Mister Deaf International nonprofit organization his mother founded and has been actively involved in supporting the international deaf community for decades. Perhaps knowing where you come from, being humble, and appreciating others are the most important measures of success after all. Please enjoy this exclusive interview with Rocco Leo Gaglioti, a true fashion maven.

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