Rachel Erickson, Riding High in the World of Performance Apparel


Episode #48, May 21, 2024

Rachel Erickson, Riding High in the World of Performance Apparel

Hold on fashionistas! On this episode we introduce you to manufacturing performance apparel consultant Rachel Erickson.  As Founder and CEO of Unmarked Street, Rachel, and her team specialize in fashion consulting to the sports performance market, especially cycling. 

Enthusiastic about fashion at an early age, with some maternal nudging, Rachel has made fashion more than a career, it’s her identity. But of course, there have been challenges along the way.  “Burned out” from mind numbing work in corporate apparel manufacturing, after 17 years, Rachel launched Unmarked Street and began blazing a new path as a fashion apparel consultant. 

The company specializes in consulting for performance wear and cycling in particular, a rare niche market within the world of fashion. And the reason Unmarked Street has been so successful.  Sometimes it pays NOT to play to the masses!

Erickson is easy to listen to, she’s energetic, humorous, articulate, and is knowledgeable about the fashion industry way beyond her niche.  It’s exciting to hear Rachel discuss a broad range of topics including branding, how to construct apparel for flawless fit, competition, difficult assignments, and sustainability. We especially enjoyed Rachel’s discussion of Major League Baseball’s ongoing uniform controversy with Nike and Fanatics.  Only from a performance apparel consultant, could you receive the “inside-baseball” of such a debacle.

After interviewing Erickson, we had a newfound appreciation for the technical side of the business.  Understanding the use a performance of specific textiles is as critical to the business as marketing and distribution—nothing can be left to chance. And Erickson tells the story well.  Constantly weaving in personal anecdotes, it’s clear this is an entrepreneur who loves her work!

Lastly, when Erickson was asked to take off her “consulting hat” and reflect on the fashion industry at large, she was particularly insightful about the unwanted side effects of fast fashion placed on her and many others within the industry.  It’s part of the discussion you won’t want to miss!

We loved interviewing the very lively Rachel Erickson! Please enjoy!