Nicole Giordano, Founder, Startup FASHION: Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Fashion

Nicole Giordano is the undisputed business champion for independent fashion designers. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Giordano entered the fashion profession as a textile designer and soon learned the industry was more bureaucratic and imposing than she liked. So, she did something about it! She launched the Startup FASHION blog to discuss business challenges many designers encounter. The blog eventually grew into a successful membership sponsored company assisting a community of over 500 designers and fashion creatives.

Giordano is a smart, articulate, witty and inordinately passionate about Startup FASHION and the role it plays in the lives of “fashionpreneurs” saying, “our mission is to help entrepreneurs design lives they love by building businesses that succeed.” Giordano seems to relish her role as designer advocate and brings a fresh perspective to the fashion world reminding us all that fashion is business! In multiple occasions throughout the interview, listeners will literally feel the passion as Giordano makes the case why independent designers must learn and manage the distinction between a fashion business and a fashion career.

At its core, Startup FASHION is providing the fashion business education designers should have cultivated in college. For Giordano, the lack of formal business training is clearly a sore and baffling subject that has been discussed in academia ad nauseum. However, one still wonders why most fashion design programs across the world fail to incorporate any business education? The oversight and/or indifference to the business side of the industry has left a white space that Giordano and Startup FASHION are happy to fill. But fashion academia’s apathy towards churning out designers without an ounce of business acumen remains obvious.

Beyond the business of fashion, the interview covers a variety of industry related topics including sustainability, fashion ethics and the impact of COVID-19. And, of course, Giordano responds and speaks intelligently to each issue.

In the massive international ever-changing fashion industry, it is comforting for independent designers to know there is a serious and experienced support community like Startup FASHION to assist in managing such a challenging environment. More important, Nicole Giordano is the CEO! Enjoy!

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