Melissa Coulier, An American Photography Phenom


Episode #32, March 24, 2021

Melissa Coulier, An American Photography Phenom

Melissa Coulier is one of those rare individuals who leave an indelible impression wherever she travels. From her hometown of Livingston, Montana, on the edge of Yellowstone National Park and in the heart of Big Sky Country, to the hustle of Hollywood’s celebrity culture, Coulier has found her way and made her mark.

Known as one of America’s most notable children’s fashion photographers, Coulier is brilliant, creative, spunky, extremely positive, and most importantly, confident. The photography phenom, who began her authentic artistic journey at age 11, has used the past 25 years to hone both her photographic skillset and her artistic expression and it shows.

It’s particularly inspiring listening to Coulier reflect on the creatives in her family, her small-town upbringing, and the natural surroundings that influenced her aesthetic style. She is mindful of the effect of nature and nurture on her career and seems genuinely grateful.

In one of the most compelling segments of the interview, Coulier retraces her entry into the world of children’s fashion photography as complete happenstance but one that has defined her career. It’s a powerful lesson on personal trust, perseverance, and risk-taking that creatives and “fashionpreneurs” must-hear.

In addition to the creative challenges of children’s fashion photography, Coulier details the not-so-obvious legal, professional, and familial obstacles that are often necessary to overcome including work hours for minors, tutoring on set, handling parents, and an unusually energetic group of models! It’s apparent the work requires abilities beyond the title “photographer,” and Coulier delivers.

Lastly, Fashioncast® listeners will enjoy Coulier’s answers to a flurry of questions about women in fashion photography, how are “forever moments” captured, and the most apparent technological threat the industry faces over the next five years.

Please enjoy what is sure to become a Fashioncast® classic!

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