Lauryn Vaughn, Against All Odds: Building a Resale Fashion Giant in the Canadian Prairies

From the western Prairie Province of Alberta, Canada, in the oil boom and bust city of Calgary, Lauryn Vaughn, Founder and CEO of The Upside, joins Fashioncast via Zoom to share her amazing story of online retail success.

In 2015, against all odds, the smart and savvy super entrepreneur launched The Upside the old fashioned way--from her basement, and never looked back.

Today, the business is the largest luxury online consignment retailer in the nation. Once you meet Lauryn Vaughn, you’ll know why.

Vaughn is full of endless positive energy, articulate, knows the resale business, and most of all - she’s determined. At university, Vaughn was so resolute to become an intern for the great Canadian designer, Paul Hardy, when she finally met him and told him she was going to become his intern, he said, “Aah, okay, can you start in morning?” If listeners get the impression the scrappy and witty Vaughn manifests her reality in real-time, they’re correct.

Fashioncast was spellbound listening to Vaughn describe her “aha” moment in Paris, France, the unending trials and tribulations of launching a business, and about The Upside’s ever-evolving multifaceted mission. For Vaugh, The Upside is more than just a challenging way to generate revenues and income. The business empowers women through “chic fashion on a budget,” and is the best example of sustainability driving circular fashion. One simply can’t help knowing Vaughn is the perfect definition of a role model for women across Canada and the world.

While Vaughn’s personal strength may be will power, her business acumen is on display as she explains the global luxury resale market. Like many entrepreneurs, Vaughn lives her business and it’s fascinating to hear her detail the differences between The Upside and mega competitors such as The RealReal and The Luxury Closet. Vaughn’s vast market knowledge is a testament to her leadership. And, despite a recession in Calgary’s oil fields and a worldwide pandemic, The Upside continues to dominate Canada’s luxury resale online space and expand.

Lastly, when asked who she would like to meet in the fashion industry, Vaughn mentioned she would have liked to have met Karl Lagerfeld, but then, without hesitation, the entrepreneur admitted she’d really love to meet Julie Wainwright, the founder of The RealReal! Enjoy!

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