Jennifer Knoepfle, Co-founder, LilaPants, Solving A Tween Fashion Dilemma


Episode #45, October 30, 2023

Jennifer Knoepfle, LilaPants

Hey Fashioncast fashionistas, on this episode you’ll learn about the amazing startup LilaPants (, and the company’s innovative apparel made for the tween market.  Born from the innocent question, “What would you like to do when you grow?”, the LilaPants journey is full of the trials and tribulations of a fashion startup.  What is uniquely compelling about LilaPants is the fact it’s a family affair.  The company was co-founded by spouse/mother, Jennifer (Jenny) Knoepfle, her husband Matt, and their two daughters Lila and Georgia.  In fact, Lila and Georgia may be the youngest fashion entrepreneurs in the U.S.!

It’s motivating to hear the lively and articulate Jenny as she describes the genesis of the LilaPants brand including confirmation of the idea via a Mom’s Facebook group, the fits and starts of fabric selection, the use of a fashion incubator, building a family-oriented company, and the go-to-market strategy to employ for trending apparel.  The result, sporting 68 SKUs, is LilaPants, a pant suit dress alternative for the tween market that preserves the style and sophistication to allow attending any function fashionable.  It was especially endearing listening to Jenny describe to roles Lila and Georgia have taken within the company.  The sister entrepreneurs are heavily involved in everything from product design and sizing to marketing and modeling.

While all startups face significant challenges, fortunately for LilaPants, a unique market niche may have given them an important survival advantage.  We were surprised to learn U.S. children’s fashion accounts for $52.9 billion in revenue and is one of the most lucrative sectors within apparel.  Entering a verified white space, the tween dress alternative market, unmatched LilaPants is poised to capture its share of the revenue pie.

Lastly, we love several other aspects of the LilaPants brand including their long-term commitment to sustainability.  While the apparel items offered are currently not sustainable, the packaging is, and a plan to incorporate affordable sustainable fabrics is in the works. In addition, LilaPants donates a portion of its profits to Darthmouth Health’s Gastrointestinal Behavioral Health Program (, an important cause to the family and anyone suffering chronic GI conditions.

Please enjoy the wit and wisdom of Jenny Knoepfle on your tour of the formation and launch of LilaPants!