Jamie Koff, Founder Fabric To Finish, Inc., Lessons from a Fashion Entrepreneur


Episode #43, June 27, 2023

Jamie Koff, Founder & President, Fabric To Finish, Inc.

Fashioncast listeners, please meet Jamie Koff, the brilliant and multi-talented fashion entrepreneur from New York City who founded Fabric To Finish, Inc., a fashion incubator, in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. 

You’ll learn about Jamie’s unconventional journey into the world of fashion and the big-name designers and industry insiders that impacted her career.  Koff’s story is a tale beyond fashion and entrepreneurship, it is a lesson in determination, innovation, intelligence, self-worth, and sheer grit.

From Diane von Furstenberg to Tommy Hilfiger, Koff has gathered insights into the business of fashion few in the industry can replicate. And those lessons have been invaluable to her company.  Fabric To Finish has been evolving for 17 years and now follows a unique business collective model to serve the independent and emerging designer.  The objective is to provide critical sourcing, design and technical tasks that are out-of-reach for most new apparel companies. The company is also retained by established brands that seek new areas for growth and creativity.

Listening to the experienced, established, confident and articulate Koff is the equivalent to enjoying a perfectly prepared ten course meal.  In the heart of America’s fashion capital, New York City, Koff has access to a wealth of fashion resources, but has also vetted international suppliers and manufacturers, and is solidly connected around the globe.  It is the realization of a viable business hatched from a simple idea in 2006. 

Spoken like a true entrepreneur, Koff notes anyone who is decisive, has a fashion vision, and more importantly, the ability to meet budget demands can hire Fabric To Finish .But it’s obvious Koff is serious about her craft and the industry.  Typically, clients consult for three years, proof outstanding results are  regularly delivered.

Lastly, Koff gives personal advice to any would be fashion entrepreneurs, “hang on for the ride!” Jamie Koff has been more than hanging on in an industry she loves and entered 30 years ago, an amazing ride indeed! Enjoy!