Iris Brosch, Vive La Résistance! A Feminist Role Model for Photography, Fashion and Art

From her 18th century apartment in Paris, France, internationally acclaimed photographer, Iris Brosch, the impassioned articulate intellectual of art imagery, joins Fashioncast via Skype to share her multifaceted photography experience in the world-of-fashion.

Brosch, the German-born photographer and filmmaker, specializing in fashion, nudes, art, and performance art, has been shaped by both the German and Italian Renaissance periods.

Her portraits are instantly recognizable as they clearly show Brosch’s reach for artistic expression and spirit. In addition, her work is celebrated for giving more strength and dignity to the female image and feminist ideals.

It’s fascinating to hear Brosch’s story of struggle from her early years to maturation as an industry icon. Through it all, the humble creative credits not only hard work but astute timing, acceptance and key mentorships. In addition to her own career challenges, Brosch, a long-time devout feminist, details the ongoing struggle for women to find standing within the industry. Her accounting of the barriers for women such as photographer Annie Leibovitz is stunning.

For Brosch, the feminist ideology is firm but more about equality and inclusiveness than antipatriarchal. It’s tragic irony, however, after countless media reports confirming widespread inequality in an industry catering to female customers and dominated by female employees, financial and managerial control still decidedly rests with men.

Beyond feminism, Brosch’s extensive international fashion experience allows her to answer any question regarding fashion and art in an informed manner. Listeners will hear Brosch’s views about the diminishing role of art in fashion, the rapid changes taking place in fashion photography and the shift towards fashion videos.

Brosch, the consummate artist, forever advocates for creatives. For her, being creative is about a lack of fear, taking risks, and keeping overlords out of the equation. And, according to Brosch, it’s also why creatives will always spearhead the direction of the industry and the future of fashion imagery.

Lastly, listeners will be inspired by Brosch’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic as she explains the importance of embracing the arts in times of tragedy and awed by her selection of whom to photograph if she could photograph any person in recorded history.

Please enjoy this interview with artist, activist, and all-around beautiful human being, Iris Brosch!


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