Graham Stewart, EVP FIBRE52, Game Changer! The Greatest Cotton Invention Since the Cotton Gin


Episode #44, August 29, 2023

Graham Stewart, EVP, FIBRE52

Whoa! Fashioncast listeners, on this episode you’ll learn about the most innovative sustainable product for cotton bleaching and dying since the 12th century! International sustainable textile innovator and FIBRE52 Executive, Graham Stewart, joins the show and shares his vision for the company and the textile industry.  Stewart, a veteran of the textile industry since 1976, has held a variety of positions, but perhaps his most important contribution to the fashion industry has been his patent pending cotton bleaching and dying discovery FIBRE52.

A textile and chemistry enthusiast from childhood, Graham grew up in the heart of textile manufacturing in northern England.  While the textile mills have moved offshore, the toxic caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) laden recipes remain in use around the globe.  This is where FIBRE52 enters the scene.  The process, invented by Stewart, is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive method designed to replace the traditional cotton bleaching and dying process on a global scale! 

FIBRE52 is a brilliant invention that utilizes natural products instead of conventional chemical heavy compounds while using less energy, less water, and less time—the perfect sustainable recipe!  In terms of circular fashion, FIBRE52 demonstrably helps lengthen and strengthen the life of garments for recycling/upcycling.

While Stewart extols the virtues of the FIBRE52 for key user groups such as manufacturers, brands, and consumers, he does an equally masterful job of explaining the “inside baseball” of the global textile market.  Who leads the world in cotton production?What other companies are leading in sustainable textile manufacturing?  Is FIBRE52 open to collaboration?  Stewart answers these questions and still has time to gift invaluable advice to newcomers to the fashion industry! 

If we were handing out awards, FIBRE52 would easily win the Fashion Innovation Award of the Year!  Listen and judge for yourself.  Enjoy!