Fern Mallis, A Fashion Legend Imparts Wit And Wisdom On Her Career And Life

Episode #46, December 20, 2023

Fern Mallis, A Fashion Legend Imparts Wit And Wisdom On Her Career And Life

On this exclusive episode, you will hear from the Godmother of Fashion, Fern Mallis, as she describes the trials and tribulations of her early days to her current role as President of her own consulting company.

Listening to Mallis reflect on her hard-earned wisdom about the industry is the equivalent to enjoying a ten-course meal.  Few, if any, know the depth and the breadth of the industry like Mallis, and her knowledge is genuinely on display during this interview.  Often, Mallis is on the other side of the microphone interviewing fashion icons such as Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta,  Donna Karan, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.  But, as an interviewee on Fashioncast® she is equally professional, patient, witty, and intelligent.

Mallis has a keen sense of what’s needed and expected in the industry.  For example, as Executive Director, Council of Fashion Designers of America (1991-2001), she worked tirelessly to launch what is now known as New York Fashion Week. Her efforts to make the show successful and financially viable broke many of the known rules for fashion event planning including soliciting sponsorships, a practice today that is part of the event protocol.  You’ll hear; however, Mallis is quick to credit all those who have been so instrumental in her career.  It’s been a collective effort in managing and leading the industry to new heights.   

When interviewing Fern Mallis, it's obvious that she loves the fashion industry.  She is in her zone, a comfortable, familiar, and creative zone. In fact, Mallis is so enthusiastic about her role, she can’t help but attract others to her mission to support and build a better fashion industry.  That beautiful attitude has served her outside of the industry as well as she has co-founded, directed, and volunteered for multiple nonprofits applying her fashion experience and business expertise to help raise millions of dollars.  A legacy that nearly rivals her life in fashion.

Interviewing Fern Mallis was an honor, and we sincerely believe you’ll enjoy the notable advice and insight from the fashion legend.