Dr. Dawnn Karen, A Fashion Therapy Session with the World's First Fashion Psychologist


Episode #35, July 8, 2021

Dr. Dawnn Karen, A Fashion Therapy Session with the World’s First Fashion Psychologist

In this episode, the highly acclaimed Dr. Dawnn Karen joins Fashioncast® to explain, against all odds, how she single-handedly pioneered and founded the Fashion Psychology Field®.

Dr. Karen began to inadvertently merge her psychology education with her fashion experience using the two disciplines to cope after a personal tragedy in 2010. Since then, she has grown her practice, become a professor of Fashion Psychology at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and has written two books. Dr. Karen’s story is more than one of professional success, it’s a story of personal triumph.

It’s a joy to hear Dr. Karen speak. She’s intelligent, energetic, engaging, passionate, and quick with memorable and relevant stories to share. Moreover, she so closely aligns with the diverse fields of fashion and psychology, it seems obvious she would discover fashion psychology as a new and legitimate discipline of study and practice.

Listen and learn as Dr. Karen goes in-depth regarding her latest book, Dress Your Best Life. The psychologist/author explains a myriad of topics including the significant differences between a fashion psychologist and a fashion stylist, how to make conscious fashion decisions utilizing “mood illustration” and “mood enhancement,” why wearing your favorite clothes shouldn’t always be left for special occasions and the importance of managing color in everyday dress.

The episode further explores how to manage compulsive shopping habits and fast fashion “feel good” purchases, the use of psychology by famous designers, and cultural fashion mores, and the potential use of fashion to ensure conformity. In addition, we explore the issues related to casual dress and the psychological and business outcomes from “dressing down.”

Lastly, you’ll love Dr. Karen’s single most important fashion psychology suggestion as it’s the perfect response from a consummate health/fashion professional. Please enjoy the therapy session!


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