Diane Pernet, First Lady of Fashion

Diane Pernet is the definition of fashion royalty. Even in this era of COVID-19 induced social distancing, face masks and Zoom meetings, one is immediately struck by her grandeur. Her worldly intellect, her soft but confident voice, her disarming wit, and her ability to simply relate make Pernet semidivine.

Beyond rank and poise, Pernet’s deliberate and unmistakable appearance, shrouded in black often wearing a mantilla-esque veil, rewards her as one of the most recognized fashion dignitaries in the world.

A consummate creative, the multi-talented Pernet continually works on a plethora of on-going and new projects. Staying current in the rapidly changing world-of-fashion is no small feat. But, Pernet, an accomplished savvy business women, is seemingly everywhere at once while no detail goes unnoticed.

Of all Pernet’s passions, few inspire her more than film. Pernet is considered one of the original pioneers of the fashion film genre. In 2008, her devotion to the craft led her to the creation and launch of the annual fashion film festival titled A Shaded View On Fashion Film (ASVOFF) www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com. This year will mark the observance of ASVOFF 12 and the film festival will air for the first time online on the FNL Network https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork. Additionally, in response to COVID-19, Pernet is the creator behind Lockdown Home Movies. A total of 68 lockdown films were submitted to ASVOFF 12 and can be seen and voted on for the 2020 People’s Choice Awards on the FNL Network https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork.

Still, Pernet’s creative thirst goes unquenched. Not to have her career overshadowed by the “ordinary” pursuits of fashion design, fashion blogging, fashion film, et al., Pernet decided to launch a line of perfume in 2014, Diane Pernet Paris. The line began with four distinct scents and now has five including To Be Honest, Love Affair, In Pursuit of Magic, Shaded, and Wanted. It’s fascinating to hear Pernet describe her 30-year intrigue with the perfume industry before her eventual impulse to begin the arduous task of researching and building a perfume brand. https://www.averyperfumegallery.com/it/collections/perfume/brand_diane-pernet.

Lastly, it’s both an exciting and challenging time to be part of the fashion industry. But, Pernet, a strong advocate of sustainable fashion, has some parting advice for designers in particular--begin with an ecological mindset. Given the environmental degradation directly sourced to the industry, significant change is long overdue, and sustainable fashion is the future of fashion.

By-the-way, on a whim, Fashioncast facetiously asked Pernet when the world could expect her autobiography? Without missing a beat, Pernet affirmed a documentary film producer had already approached her more than once! It’s clear, there are more accolades to come for the First Lady of Fashion! Please enjoy the magnificent Diane Pernet.

Diane Pernet @asvof; www.ashadedviewonfashion.com