Beth Hitchcock: Battling Fashion's Delusion of Inclusion for Plus Size Women


Episode #37, July 26, 2022

Beth Hitchcock: Battling Fashion’s Delusion of Inclusion for Plus Size Women

Fashioncast listeners, you’re about to fall in love with the beautiful, brilliant, witty, and incredibly talented Beth Hitchcock. Searching for her role in the industry, she’s experienced a variety of fashion positions including a short stint in publishing before emerging as an accomplished stylist, model, and consultant for the ever-growing size-inclusive market. As a stylist, Hitchcock crisscrossed the globe and worked with many notable clients such as Playboy Magazine, Lands’ End, Murad, Banana Republic, and Galore Magazine to name a few. 

This is a fact-filled podcast where Hitchcock details the trials and tribulations she continues to encounter in the so-called “plus-size” fashion sector.  Even with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs in place throughout the industry, in the often cryptic world of fashion, discrimination still reigns.However, Hitchcock conquered her foes and critics and truly succeeded as a fashion entrepreneur. 

Hitchcock keeps listeners engaged as the 14-year fashion veteran recounts the early days of size inclusion, its present standing, and its market trajectory. In addition, she defines exactly what constitutes a plus-size customer, explains the challenges facing brick and mortar and online retail, and opines on plus-size myths.

While the cloud of discrimination still lingers over size inclusion, and retailers often relegate plus-size departments to the “third floor,” with two-thirds of US women are classified as plus size, it’s apparent there is opportunity abound.  This is the segment you’ll hear the hunger to succeed in Hitchcock’s voice, but more importantly, you’ll hear her advocacy for size-inclusiveness and her desire to one day take the discussion off the table.  One poignant example, she brilliantly makes the case for plus-size women setting the fashion trends and letting everyone else follow!  Beautiful! And why shouldn’t they?

Lastly, Hitchcock talks candidly about luxury designer Christian Siriano’s longtime support of size-inclusiveness, her “magic wand” fix for all fashion brands (another brilliant observation), and her brief elevator encounter with Anna Wintour.

A fascinating conversation you’re certain to return to more than once!  Enjoy!

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